Energy work

We are energetic beings and we constantly interact with I myriad of energies around us. We come into the world with a clear energetic field but our experiences and in particular our interpretation and perceptions of these experiences can lead to our creating blocks which can then build up in us and prevent us from functioning as we were made to and eventually if left these are the blocks that can create illness. Our emotional system is frequently clogged up and misused. It is designed perfectly to guide us in our interactions with our environment and to allow us to process information coming to us. However for most of us our conditioning has taught us to turn away from this wonderful tool and in fact to label it as a problem and not as an information giver. So instead of letting the emotion pass through our bodies we label  it as bad, fail to get the message and so it remains within us as an energetic cluster that is now stuck . As we build more and more of these clusters the blocks grow and become rooted within us.

Energy work directly targets these blocks by directly tapping into the stuck emotion , identifying what it is and then releasing it consciously, providing instant relief to symptoms and allowing the persons emotional system and body to return to healthy functioning.  As most of these blocks are created unconsciously energy work reverses this process by bringing the block into consciousness and thus allowing us to use the experience to expand our consciousness as opposed to creating illness .  This frees us to be the creative beings that we are.

Our beliefs have been acquired through our experiences and influences, things we have been taught or encouraged to accept as truths. We may be finding that a lot of what we hold to be true in our belief system is no longer serving us, and when some major event happens in our lives this can be the trigger point to disturb some of these beliefs and bring them to the surface. This experience is often labelled as a breakdown and in fact it feels like this is what is happening, but what really is happening here is that we are transitioning into a new mode of awakening; it’s a bit like wakening from a very deep sleep and can feel very jarring and uncomfortable. It is at this stage often when we seek help when we feel overwhelmed with emotions and symptoms.

Energy work assists us to release these blocks through focusing our intent therefore allowing us to achieve a state of mindfulness, or connection with our true selves.

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