Anxiety is a common feature of everyday life, however if not properly managed it can interfere with our health and well being. Anxiety can vary from mild uncomfortable symptoms to full blown panic attacks. Sometimes these symptoms are easily recognised as anxiety and panic and sometimes not. Symptoms of anxiety can be easily confused with physical health problems eg feelings of numbness dizziness breathless or fatigue.

My approach to dealing with anxiety is to help to get to the root cause . Most sufferers have lost this connection and perhaps by the time they recognise they have this issue, the anxiety may already have become free floating ie there is no longer a sense of connection between the trigger and the anxiety feeling. This can lead to the person defining themselves as anxious and their symptoms may evolve to Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

I offer a very specific programme to help those with anxiety related issues to achieve the following
Identify the root cause
To understand how their thinking patterns create feelings of anxiety
To understand the effects of their behaviour on creating anxiety, especially avoidance behaviour
To learn mind mastery tools, particularly mind quieting
To practice very specific techniques to remain present focused (Mindfulness)
To develop relaxation techniques allowing instant reversal of anxiety symptoms

This programme is specifically tailored to each individuals needs and is suitable for adolescents, youths and adults.

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